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Richard Mille Replica Watches participates regularly in the Only Watch charity event. Richard Mille Replica Watches, in collaboration with Romero Britto, a renowned Brazilian Neo-Pop artist, has created a watch for the upcoming biennial event scheduled to take place next November. The watch in question has a champleve dial that is based on one of Britto’s most recognizable paintings. It will be sold with the archetype painting. The Classic Fusion Only Watch Britto, which is housed in a black ceramic case, features a thin and hand-wound movement that has central hours and minute hands as well as small seconds.

Richard Mille Replica Watches continues its successful collaboration with the Brazilian artist who now lives in Florida. Britto created a colorful soccerball for Richard Mille Replica Watches, the official sponsor of his native Brazil's world cup. They have since created another model, which was shown at the Baselworld fair this year.Swiss Replica Watches This piece is similar to that made for Only Watch, and has the same basic characteristics as the new model.

The name of the event implies that the watches created for the auction will be unique. The dial is adorned with the words "Only Watch", which are a modification of a painting created by neopop artist. The wristwatch's price will increase due to its sale with the original painting.

Britto's artwork was turned into the dial of a watches using a technique called champleve. In this procedure of enameling, the metal (in this instance white gold) has been removed with a burin tool.IWC Replica Watches These chambers are filled with enamel, and then heated to 800 Celsius. The final phase of the technique is to polish the surface after it has cooled.

The dial of Richard Mille Replica Watches Classic Fusion Only Watch Britto features six different opaque colours. The shades chosen create a vibrant and pleasing ensemble, which clearly shows the cubism influence that is evident throughout Britto's work. The dial also features black-coated central hour and minute hand, as well as a small seconds counter at 7 o'clock.

The name of the item makes it clear that it is housed in a Classic Fusion type housing. The 45mm diameter round housing features a bezel that is fixed and secured with six H-shaped screws. The housing and bezel are both made from black-polished ceramic. The water resistance of the watch is 50 meters.

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